Flickr downloading problems

I wanted to back up my photos, that I have on Flickr. It is over 3000 files. I made decision to do so just a day before Flickr – SmugMug wedding. Unfortunately, what worked before announcement, does not work now. I am unable to download my photos from Flickr. I have been trying it for past three days. Hours of waiting always end up with error message. Obviously, lots of people has same idea. Thousands of Flickr users started backing up and system is down. Will see. Maybe it will be easier to back up later.


Winter industrial-scape, Ostrava, 15.2.2018. In the distance a former coal mine Ignác (Jan Šverma).

© Pavel P.



Flickr sold to SmugMug

Flickr sold to SmugMug – how interesting! Really surperise! Interested to see where Flickr is going to move now.

In FAQ they say: “Over time, we’ll be migrating Flickr onto SmugMug’s technology infrastructure, and your Flickr photos will move as a part of this migration.”

Will see how it is going to look and work. Flickr definatelly needed some fresh impuls. It has been sleeping for a couple of years.

Meanwhile, I am experimenting with Ello, keeping fresh 500px and Tumblr and uploading to IG as well.


Winter landscape with road. Paskov, 18.2.2018

© Pavel P.


I deactivated my Facebook account.

I have recently deactivated (not deleted) my two Facebook accounts. It just made me spend there too much time. It is too addictive. I feel it is not easy to leave Facebook once it became a part of everyday life. But the reason of this step reason goes deeper.

It is the philosophy and substance of this service. People would go there from many reasons. To see what other people are going. Or to share what they are doing. All is accompanied with that damn “Like” – success benchmark – how to describe it anyway? .

All together by spending time on Facebook I consumed heaps of unnecessary information about lots of people. Many times information was very interesting. Or very amazing. Or surprising. Getting all the updates and highlights from “friends” lives. People like gossip and Facebook is a place where you get them easily. As much as you wish. People share them voluntarily.

But people on Facebook – “Friends” – are people that in 99 % I haven’t met in past 10 or 20 years in person. So, why should I read about everyday update from their life? I decided not to be part of it. I will not know where everybody was on vacation, newborns of all schoolmates etc. But do I need to know? This Facebook changed the society so deeply and so fast. I am too conservative? Old fashioned? What will happen with Facebook in 5 or 10 years? Will this octopus fall apart? Or is it too grown through the society? My guess is, that one day this platform will be abandoned. That people will have enough of this type of communication and online life. Perhaps, it will be abandoned for more private type of communication. Maybe I am wrong. Who knows.

I know –  I deactivated –  is not same as if I wrote “I deleted my Facebook”. It is part of this addiction. About difficulty to leave. Erase all contacts in one click feels had to do. What if I need to get in touch with somebody? Two weeks ago, some guy who does not use Facebook said on TV: “By not using Facebook, I feel as I was excommunicated”. Because everybody uses it, it is very complicated not to be there.


Landscape with sand and bits of snow. Ostrava, 18.2.2018

© Pavel P.