Trip to southern Moravia

Some photos from my November trip to southern Moravia. We were visiting a friend who is a wine maker in Blatnice pod Svatym Antoninkem. Check out his business. He also offers accommodation in newly built apartments. So besides wine testing I had some time to shoot.

© Pavel P.


Report from Kojetin city

One lazy Saturday from a little town in Hana region. Not much is going on there. Thought this town is rich for it’s variety of interesting characters. For example this man pushing a wheel barrow loaded with wood. Thick eye glasses. I wasn’t sure if he sees me. He barely walked with the load. Made stops every fifteen meters for the rest. So he gave me plenty of time to photograph him.   I followed him up to the place where he lives. He parked his carriage and moved wood inside.


Kojetn, 2017

© Pavel P.

About Alex, shower and my laptop.

So, after re-installations of Windows 10 and after numerous updates, my old notebook works much faster. It is usable now. Will keep this one for my wife and get new one (Christmas gift) for myself.

Shower has been leaking in my house. For a year, but it’s getting worse. Had more important stuff to do. Like shooting. Water damaged wooden door frame. Ordered company to demolish old and build new shower and another to produce new door frame. It seems like yesterday when this shower was new. But it is 13 years already… Friday evening will be devoted to selection of tiles etc.

Well, it wasn’t much about photography today. So I will end up with one dialogue with Roma kid from Friday aftrenoon:

Boy yelling at me from 100 meters distance. He was approching. I was shooting something. He was about 7 years old or so.

Boy: What are you shooting here?

Me: What’s your name?

Boy: I asked you what are you photographing here!

Me: And I asked you what is your name.

Boy: Why don’t you want to tell me?

Me: If you tell me your name, I will tell you why I am here.

I walked away.

Boy: Alex  (he said silently)

I turned back to him.

Me: Well, I am shooting here, because I like shooting. It is very interesting here. I photograph all around. Whole city. I like to do so. Have a nice day, Alex.

And I walked away again..

Alex: Hey, I am not Alex!  (he yelled)

Me: Hey, you tricked me! So what’s your name? (I was smiling)

Alex: Robin.

Me: Ok Robin. See you!

Photos below are not related to this story. These photos are just from a short afternoon walk in Frydek.

Frydek-Mistek, 2017

© Pavel P.

Short report from ghetto in Frydek-Mistek

Photos from a short walk around a little ghetto in Frydek-Mistek.

Frydek-Mistek, 2017

© Pavel P.

In the streets of (V) …

Just a walk in Vitkovice. Last photo with toilets interior is from the city center.

Some troubles with my laptop (HP Pavillion). Slow. Very slow. Photo editing software hardly works. Even Chrome isn’t working well. Re-installed Windows 10 twice in last two days.  Etc. Wanted to downgrade back to Windows 8. Not successful. Five years old laptop. Originally bought with Windows 8. On device for whole family. Kids want to play on the computer increasingly.

Ostrava, 2017

© Pavel P.

Soul of the city

Winter in the city is bleak. Especially winter days in Ostrava city are very dreary. But, in think that winter season fits the character of this city very well. Grey and shades of black are imprinted in the soul of the city. Maybe, one day, when the gloomy element disappears, it will be the sign that city lost important part of it’s soul.

This is just a series of photos from one November afternoon in Ostrava.

Ostrava, 2017

© Pavel P.

Report from Přívoz ghetto

Just a report from one place in Ostrava. I think these photos doesn’t need a commentary.

Ostrava, 2017

© Pavel P.