The first year aniversary

It has been one year since I have bought my Olympus E-M10. So, it would be convenient to mention him here. He sits in a black Vanguard bag on my table right now. He is always around me. Around Here. I would be nervous if he wasn’t with me. He has a neck strap, that I would wind around my hand when shooting.When he was a toddler, I bought him new lens Panasonic Lumix G 14mm f/2,5. Small lens with long name. Thanks for your advice, Sir.

street photography
Ostrava, Muglinovska, May 2016

And this new lens gave him personality. Because that zoom lens that was in the set when I brought the box to my house wasn’t ideal companion. It made nice photos and all, but it is big and awkward to use. That lens was detachable lens, so I had to press the button on the lens body and turn around the zoom ring every time I turned the camera on and wanted to shoot. Awkward. Slowed me down.

street photography
Ostrava, May 2016

And he was still a baby, but not a toddler, when one Shooter told me about switch on this camera and what the letter M stands for. M mode. And what auto ISO is good for. It was weird and it was scary, but I left M on it. Now, M is common and my friend. Occasionally I use also different letters or settings. But M is my home.

Happy First Birthday to you!



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