I started writing this post last Friday. I wrote it on my smartphone when sitting in the restaurant. I had to write the idea down,  because it would  fly away and I wouldn’t remember none of it.

It is about judgments and rules.

If you are a little kid you would rely on judgments of your parents.

They form you and you need them. Judgments and parents. And rules.

Ostrava, May 2016

If you do something creative, like photography, you need judgments and approval. You just need to know if you are doing well or not.

When child grows it does exact opposite to what parents says. They need to detach to develop into individuals.

I see analogy in the journey of my photography.



Lens switch and antelopes

Yesterday and the  day before I was shooting with my zoom 14-42 mm M.Zuiko lens. My impressions?  It feels awkward and big. Camera feels twice as heavy. But it served the purpose. I was reading Don’s blog and he inspired me to make this switch for a while. Just wanted to challenge myself and see differently compared to what I see through 14 mm (28 mm ekv.) f/2.5 Panasonic. My always on lens.

And I was surprised how it differed. Well, surprised and not surprised.

Basically I was going to set it on 25 mm (50 mm ekv.). First find was that I wasn’t able to make all the shots that I wanted. For example with 25 mm I had problem to capture my kids when we were  having fun while walking through the river. Especially my son likes to hang around close to me. Therefore he was often not far enough to let me make a photo. And if I walked away to make the distance, he would run back to me.

But that was OK. I waited till my son and daughter gets further away and than I was able to make shots. And different photos that I would not have made with 14 mm lens. I haven’t seen the results yet. Just checked the photos on LCD screen.

Trinec, May 2016

My thoughts I had during the switch.

…..with 14 mm I need to approach up to 1 meter from the person (or subject) to achieve the distance I want … and people usually hear shutter sound which is quite laud on my Oly…

…..with 25 mm I need to be like 10 meters (not exact for sure) away to frame the subject in the same situation….

I lost like 30  or 40 % of the situations that I wanted photograph. Or more precisely, the situations that I would have photographed with wide angle. I would see a person 5 meters away being aware that I must press the shutter release button earlier than usual, but it wasn’t enough. Too late. But not all the shots were lost. I managed to make photos that I was happy with and I am looking forward to see “digital prints” on my screen.

On the other side I was able to photograph situations that I would not be able to photograph with wide angle. It just brings the subject closer to me. And it abstracts the surrounding. And squeezes the perspective. I felt more secret and more invisible.

Frydlant nad Ostravici, June 2016

Thoughts that were popping to my mind during the switch….

14 mm … is like wrestling, kick-box,  face to face fight, free style, connects me with subject…it brings me rather 3D feel…

25 mm  and more…. is like archery, sniper shooting, abstracts the surroundings…it brings me rather 2D feel…

I even made couple of shots with 42 mm (84 mm ekv.)… I saw a bunch of people standing 30 meters away from me. They were buying tram tickets from the machine on the tram stop. I made a photo and I had the feeling like I was on Safari. I felt as I just made a photo of a herd of shy antelopes next to the water source.

It is a Friday today. The day three of the switch. Actually after the switch. Panasonic is back on.

Note to self: I should do this more often. It was refreshing.


Ready for the next day

So I continue to do my stuff.
It is humid and it is hot out, but I go there and shoot.
It feels great when I make the SHOT.
And it feel great when I find the shot on my hard-drive and it pops out in front of my eyes.
It feels great when I get lost and find the way.
It feels great when I am tired and go to bed, but knowing I made photos during the day.
Just need to recharge myself and batteries of my Oly.
To be ready for tomorrow.

street photography
Brno, July 2016


Higher purpose

I  was struggling with my photo-book-making thing. I mentioned it here  the other day.  My problem was that I was lacking the right purpose of my book. My head was again full of nonsense. But solution was simple.

I was questioning myself…  What higher purpose and leading story will my photo-book going to have?  But I did not find the answer. Why? Because the question was wrong…Anything, that I would make up, say, would be a lie. Lie to myself. There is no high purpose.

Well, the only possible and the only one subject of my future book is…myself. I know, it sounds just-little-bit-too-egoistic. And it is truth in a way. My photos express myself and  not a specific subject. They show how Mr. Pavel sees and experiences  and wants to communicate the world around him. Nothing more and nothing less.

And I realized that this should be substantial idea of my book. It will be something like a chronicle of what I had seen and photographed.I first had an idea that my book will be a document about the Ostrava city. But it won´t be. It will be about myself and my relations with the things and people around me. No more and no less. Anything different will be false or ridiculous.

street photography
Ostrava, May 2016

My chronicle is in preparation. I am myself looking forward to the final book.

street photography
Ostrava, May 2016

No promises that I wouldn’t be able to fulfill. Only one. It will happen….


Talking to myself

Me 1: Why are you posting so often on the internet? Almost every day. Whole year. Day after day. It’s crazy.
Me 2: Because I am out shooting very often. Day after day. I’ve got lots of photos.
Me 1: But that doesn’t explain why are you posting your photos every day.
Me 2: You know why. Because I want to show them to people out there.
Me 1: But why?
Me 2: Because I don’t want to keep it for myself.
Me 1: It still doesn’t explain why!
Me 2: Well, it is an image. A visual thing. It should be seen.
Me 1: But, isn’t it sufficient if you see it? Only you? Why do you show your stuff to others?
Me 2: Not enough for me. I just need it. I don’t want to have full hard disk of unseen photos. You know, if you play guitar, you shouldn’t play only for yourself.
Me 1: Maybe you should. It calms you don’t. You will focus on yourself. Slow down.
Me 2: I see what you say. Maybe I should. But I can’t.
Me 1: Can you at least slow down? Post less. Enjoy more of your free time?
Me 2: But it makes me alive. I don’t want to stop.
Me 1: I see. Than do what you have to do.

Frydek-Mistek, May 2016

Ostrava, May 2016

Frydek-Mistek, May 2016


It’s just a snapshot

It’s often perceived as inferior type of photograph.
“Hey, it is nice shot”, someone says.
“It’s is just a quick snapshot. Nothing special.” I hear the answer.
As a snapshot was something of less value. Something less important.
I used to have that opinion for years, too.
But I turned 36 and I maybe I am getting wiser. I say.
But what is the snap?

Ostrava, May 2016

Merriam Webster dictionary definition of snapshot: “An informal photograph that is taken quickly “.
And Wikipedia (that knows everything) adds: “A photograph that is “shot” spontaneously and quickly, most often without artistic or journalistic intent. Snapshots are commonly considered to be technically “imperfect” or amateurish – out of focus or poorly framed or composed. Common snapshot subjects include the events of everyday life, such as birthday parties and other celebrations, sunsets, children playing, group photos, pets, tourist attractions and the like.”

street photography
Ostrava, May 2016

But why to consider it as something inferior?
And what is a superior type of photo? Intelligent well considered photograph? Photograph taken with serious intent? Artistic photo? Technically perfect photo? A photo included in sophisticated conceptualized project?

Edit, today I read a blog post by Erick Kim regarding snapshots. Hmm. I wanted to delete this post as it was already written when I read it. Don’t want to look as I was copying anybody’s themes. But, what I wrote is what I mean. So, I guess, I will keep it here and publish it anyway.

street photography
Ostrava, May 2016

Conclusion?  Yes, I have made mine already. It’s nothing wrong with snaps as soon as the photo brings the meaning and joy to at least one person.