Yes, it’s me

There are thoughts spinning in my head, so I will write them down till they go away. Till they are replaced by other thoughts. And so I can remember them.

These thoughts are about me and finding myself in my photos. While this is nothing new under the sun it is a discovery for myself and I must pay attention to this. There were more people writing about it and I was reading it many times, but I really didn’t connect with it. Probably, I wasn’t ready. But, it started making sense.

Bystricka, May 2016

It is about self awareness. Self value. Doubts. About taking risks. Doing what one feels to do. It can be described in many words, but it always means the same idea.

I can’t remember who said it. But it was one Czech photographer. Someone asked him: “How do I recognize that my photo is good?” And he replied: “When you stop asking me about it.”

Trinec, May 2016

And there is a guy I know from his photography blog. His name is Don and he is saying exactly the same thing. “When you become aware of yourself, and you will see yourself in your photos, than people will become aware of you.”

Trinec, May 2016

And it started making sense to me.

So, I am looking at my photos, and think…Yes, it’s me. I don’t need to ask anybody if it is good or not. It is what it is. It is what I made. It is how I made it, because I like what I see. Other people may not like it. They may think it is strange or whatever else. They may rise tons of judgements and objections, but it won’t change my attitude about my stuff. And when somebody tells me “I like your photos”. It would please me. I would think, now, there are two of us who likes it.

Needed to say, that biggest enemy of my photography is myself. As my brain and mind tells me what is good or bad. And I first had to get all of the mess out of my head. Forget everything and start again. My head fills with all kinds of ideas and sometimes I don’t even realize it.  Stealthy virus thoughts are implanted.

These three photos of people has no faces. They are showing their backs. It’s because I am spying on them. Even on my son in the first photo.



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