Prices of photobooks

So… my book of family photos is finished and ordered. Now anxiously waiting for the delivery. It has over 500 photos, 138 pages, dimensions 21 x 28 cm, hardcover. Took me about a week to put it together. Couple of hours every evening. More than half of the photos are from my mobile phone. Total cost 82,- EUR including shipping. I used service called CEWE Photobooks. First time I tried them. I previously ordered a photobook from Blurb. I first thought Blurb was too expensive. Just found out,if I ordered with Blurb, a similar dimensions (20 x 25 cm) and same amount of pages (138),  hardcover, I would pay  67,- EUR including shipping.

Hmm….in 2014…. I made a book with Blurb. It was hardcover, 68 pages , 25 x 20 cm and I paid 54 EUR including shipping. So it had only half amount of pages compared to current book, but price was only a little lower (by 12,- EUR).

Conclusion regarding prices: Blurb is favorable if I am ordering book with a lot of pages. I should have checked before. Oh, well. Next time.

street photography
Baska, May 2016

street photography
Stare Mesto, May 2016
Ostrava, May 2016



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