Talking to myself

Me 1: Why are you posting so often on the internet? Almost every day. Whole year. Day after day. It’s crazy.
Me 2: Because I am out shooting very often. Day after day. I’ve got lots of photos.
Me 1: But that doesn’t explain why are you posting your photos every day.
Me 2: You know why. Because I want to show them to people out there.
Me 1: But why?
Me 2: Because I don’t want to keep it for myself.
Me 1: It still doesn’t explain why!
Me 2: Well, it is an image. A visual thing. It should be seen.
Me 1: But, isn’t it sufficient if you see it? Only you? Why do you show your stuff to others?
Me 2: Not enough for me. I just need it. I don’t want to have full hard disk of unseen photos. You know, if you play guitar, you shouldn’t play only for yourself.
Me 1: Maybe you should. It calms you don’t. You will focus on yourself. Slow down.
Me 2: I see what you say. Maybe I should. But I can’t.
Me 1: Can you at least slow down? Post less. Enjoy more of your free time?
Me 2: But it makes me alive. I don’t want to stop.
Me 1: I see. Than do what you have to do.

Frydek-Mistek, May 2016

Ostrava, May 2016

Frydek-Mistek, May 2016



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