Higher purpose

I  was struggling with my photo-book-making thing. I mentioned it here  the other day.  My problem was that I was lacking the right purpose of my book. My head was again full of nonsense. But solution was simple.

I was questioning myself…  What higher purpose and leading story will my photo-book going to have?  But I did not find the answer. Why? Because the question was wrong…Anything, that I would make up, say, would be a lie. Lie to myself. There is no high purpose.

Well, the only possible and the only one subject of my future book is…myself. I know, it sounds just-little-bit-too-egoistic. And it is truth in a way. My photos express myself and  not a specific subject. They show how Mr. Pavel sees and experiences  and wants to communicate the world around him. Nothing more and nothing less.

And I realized that this should be substantial idea of my book. It will be something like a chronicle of what I had seen and photographed.I first had an idea that my book will be a document about the Ostrava city. But it won´t be. It will be about myself and my relations with the things and people around me. No more and no less. Anything different will be false or ridiculous.

street photography
Ostrava, May 2016

My chronicle is in preparation. I am myself looking forward to the final book.

street photography
Ostrava, May 2016

No promises that I wouldn’t be able to fulfill. Only one. It will happen….



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