Goodbye Tumblr

I wrote this on my FB and Twitter and also on Tumblr last week:

What is Tumblr?
A place for blogging or a social media platform?
Hybrid of both?
Or none?
And what do you expect from Tumblr?
Any answers?

Need to mention that questions above started bordering me after reading the text The Slow Death of Tumblr (and Medium) written by C.J. Chilvers.  CJ wrote about reasons why he moved his blog from Tumblr to WordPress.

So what is my answer to the questions above?

Brno, July 2016

I personally think it is a hybrid. It is very simple to share, but it is confusing to find relevant content. Tumblr feed (called dashboard) is never ending flow of content, where it is impossible to filter the content I want to see. And than you get “notes” and “reblogs”, which is same as Facabook “likes” and “shares”.

I feel Tumblr is rather for content consumption. To me it look like one big bowl of various content.

I first didn’t know what Tumblr is for. I started to post there in April  2013. And I shared and shared and shared ever since.

Three years of sharing had passed. Now I am asking what Tumblr gave me?

Posts 1 109. Followers 2 283. Lots of hearts.

Ok. Stats. But what about real interest? Connections with people? Five or six instant messages? Something like that.

Not much more.

Brno, July 2016

People on Tumblr interested in my photos can get in touch with me here on WordPress.

My question is….Does anyone from my Tumblr followers care about my stuff enough? Enough to bother to visit my WP blog? I would like to know, but I don’t think so.

To sum it up. I used Tumblr as a mirror site to share my photos. I had stopped posting there  July 31, 2016.



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