About photos, portfolio and stories

I was reading and thinking. Which is what I do besides photographing and writing. And sleeping.

I stumbled upon a blog of  R. Jokelova. Here is a link, but it’s only in Czech. This lady wrote about her journey and realizing what she wants to do as a photographer. What grabbed my attention were conclusions she made and how she made them. She wrote:

Until recently I didn’t care what I was photographing. Basically I just enjoyed the fact that I am photographing and that I am liking it. I’ve never thought about the choice of the topic … because I didn’t think I should.

And than she had visited a photography course which included a portfolio critique of participants works. She had a photo album to show ….and to be criticized. She says…

I had a wonderful album full of the best of my photos. And that was the problem! I never show and I don’t want to show “The best of my portfolio.” I tell the stories that are not in the album. They didn’t fit in there.

And that’s how she describes how she got into reportage and documentary.

And I got a strong feeling when I was reading this blog post. I have a similar problem. I always want to show my best photos. The best of what I have photographed. But, why should I want to show my “best of” to people on the Internet? To impress them? To assure myself I can do a nice photo? I got over this.

I want to make little documents on various themes. From various occasions. Little series. Or big ones. Mono or color. Doesn’t matter. It will depend on what themes will come up.

I feel good about this.

Photos below is a little selection of photos from my friend’s wedding. Just a sample.






All photos are from Nemcicky, Czech Republic, July 2016.



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