Benefits of being offline

About my hiatus from the Internet.
I was on vacation with my family. Just for a week. Not even a whole week, only about five days…

street photography
Brno, July 2016

They said the accommodation will be with WiFi. In reality, Internet connection was available only in front of the building next to our apartment.

Therefore I was offline for five days. Most of the time. I got chance to connect on 5 minutes a day. I enough time to check E-mails, weather forecast and my favorite blog.

I wasn’t able to look at hundreds of other people’s photos a day. I didn’t have time to comment on them. I didn’t scroll through never ending Facebook or Twitter feeds.

street photography
Brno, July 2016

I was frustrated for the first day. But I quickly got used to it and I gained something in exchange.
I had plenty of time to finish reading a book.
I even had time to watch some Olympics.
I had lot’s of time to think. About my photography.
I wasn’t distracted by news, other people’s photos, blogs.
I realized I don’t necessarily need all of that. I like it, but I don’t need it.

street photography
Brno, July 2016

But I didn’t stop making photos.
I made lots of family photos and I made lots of non family photos.
This Internet hiatus was good for me.
I even slept much more as I would have been processing photos. Or I would be doing all that necessary “Internet stuff I usually do”.

I should do that more often. Being offline. I should.

PS: About second photo with Jehovah’s Witnesses. I made this photo, because Don made a photo with Jehovah’s in Philadelphia and because they have same stands all over the world. Can’t find the relevant post of Don, but I will add a link later.



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