About decisions, reconsidering and keeping the direction

I am more and more worrying about lack of time for processing and making my photos public.

I have too many photos in the archive and too little time. Too many photos that I like. Too many to be absorbed by the public.

Problem. Or not?


Possible solutions:

  1. shoot less – but that would not make me happy and  it would lead to more frustration, no way
  2. be more critical when selecting photos – but I already love all my photos and I want to show them, even those technically imperfect, I don’t want to cut them out.
  3. choose themes that matters and organize photos into logical categories – and make those public, the rest  keep unpublished. I was thinking about this point for a week or two. I read an article about it and I referred about it in my older blog post .  I thought I discovered answer I needed. I am afraid this kind of thinking would change the way I shoot. It would take a freedom away. Freedom of shooting whatever I feel like. Whatever is happening around me. I wouldn’t be happy and I would be realize it later. Meanwhile I would loose too many moments I would have photographed.
  4. go on and continue “freestyle” shooting – don’t put labels on the photos, photograph and document the life around here and there, keep the freedom. This doesn’t solve the problem with volume and lack of time. Perhaps in fall and winter, when days get shorter I will have more time to process summer photos. I hope.

I will go with number 4. This is what I have been doing last half a year. Or last year. Well, there were wrong turns during the journey. And I thank you D. for keeping me on this path. I would have made another wrong turn. It is too easy to get lost.


Well, my aim is not to make less photos. My aim is to be able to work with them and enjoy photos I made.

Anyway, I LOVE the photos I uploaded to this blog post. They exists only because I have been going with number 4. Being here and now. And documenting.

Last night I processed 45 photos. All of them are from my 3 days long trip to Brno. That trip was awesome and I made photos I wouldn’t be able to make in Ostrava. Brno is more crowded. More people concentrated in the city center. I was invisible. One of many.


I will be on a cottage with my kids for next couple of days. Offline mostly.

See you around here when I come back to the civilization.

Photos are from the train when traveling from Kojetin to Brno in June 2016.



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