My street cliche

I still have this disturbing thought about “street photography” in my head.
The thought is: the street photography is a cliche.
But it depends…on answering one question.

Hodonovice, June 2016

The question is: why did I take this photo? This is where I understand the difference between making photo and taking photo…. When I make the photo, I did answered the question why…. When I take the photo, I didn’t answered the question why…. So why? Why did I photograph that? Why did I press the shutter button? Many times I realize that only reason of capturing something is… …because I can…. To prove myself that I can make this photo To prove that I can take a photo of people on the street This is the problem of mine. Because, I am taking photos of people on the streets….

I am only adding with just another cliche photo to the “word wide street photo database”.

There is this interesting article  Street Photography Cliches That Are Impossible To Resist with list of cliches of what people do when doing street photography. I do many, if not all, of this myself.

The important is the conclusion they made:

When you look at the world with interest instead of looking for photographs in the world then cliches seem to disappear.


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