Through the peephole

You must think, that I just arrived on planet Earth from the outer space. Or, after reading this episode you will.
It’s been three years since I stopped using viewfinder. Totally. It was July 2013 when I started to frame photos using LCD screen only.
I had benefited from that and composition of my photos got better immediately…
I am again trying, shifting , challenging myself, pushing myself out of stereotype  thinking, re-evaluating….
Soooo, on yesterday’s session with me and my camera Olympus OM-D E-M10 I turned LCD screen off.
First impression (note, I used viewfinders for 10 years before). Confussion. I had to put my eye towards the little glass tunnel. My nose touching the screen. Looking like through the little submarine periscope. Through the peephole. How new to me. How unusual feel. Three years, really, I had been shooting daily only on LCD….!

street photography
Ostrava, June 2016

Second impression. I felt connected with the world behind the lens by that little tunnel. It is a strange feeling and I don’t know how to describe it. Compared to LCD it is most significant factor. Most significant difference. On LCD screen I am looking at the world squeezed to a little rectangle. My eyes are 20 centimeters away and I am observing the displayed image (not a photo) on the screen. Good or bad? Different. It leads to shoot different way… it leads me to see and perceive the scene, the world, in a different way. When using viewfinder I  am not able to make a composition as accurate as if I was shooting with LCD. I am part of the seen, my eye connected by the tunnel with the world. No distance from the scene. Being part. Being inside of it. A 3D feel.

street photography
Frydlant nad Ostravici, June 2016
With LCD I am looking on – almost – final photo. I am standing out there, say… in front of the tree, and I see a 2D preview of the tree on the screen.
Sure, when shooting from the hip, it is the third type…you don’t see anything, you guess the distance and hope the person, the subject fits in. Just a side note.
Third impression. I found myself, when using a viewfinder much more shy when approaching to people. Actually, I was shy to put the camera in front of my eyes. When I was close to the person I wasn’t able to bring the camera up. With LCD, and I am not sure why, maybe a psychological thing, I am dare to make photos that I would not with have done with viewfinder. Probably, as I mentioned above, it is because a viewfinder (the tunnel) connects me with the subject. And suddenly, if I look through the tunnel I am looking at real person, that might be looking at me, directly, and I can’t stand it. Too shy . With viewfinder I feel it is more honest…the person and me. And the tunnel. Connection.

street photography
Ostrava, June 2016

With LCD I am more of  a picture taker. Taking pictures of the reality in front of me. Not being part. Pre-visualizing the future photo. Being apart from the photo.
If you guys read it…. Does it make sense to you? What do you think? Do you prefer viewfinder or LCD?
Last note: all the photos shown here ware made using LCD.
No, this is last note (added after publishing this post):  On my Olympus I have Electronic Viewfinder, which is actually a built-in little LCD.



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