My eyes are open, but they don’t see

Ok. There is this question. About street.
It is not a question. It is a fact.
I think street photography is a fashion. A trendy thing.
It become cool and it become mainstream.
It has it’s aesthetics, it has a smell, pace, life and so on.
Nothing wrong about it. Nothing wrong about mainstream.
The problem I see is making a photo to make a photo.
Sounds weird.
I will try to explain better.

street photography
Ostrava, Svinov, June 2016 

To make street photo. So people see this cool and awesome street shots other people are doing. It is my personal experience. So they see and think. Hm, I like that, I want to do street too. So they (me and others) march in the streets, they practice, they get better, they make cool photos that fulfill aesthetics of street photography. Their photos looks awesome. Just awesome. They are proud of themselves.

street photography
Ostrava, June 2016

But they just want to fulfill a certain aesthetics. Achieve certain look, certain feel and mood. They want to join the crowed of cool street photographers.

But….. will I care about a snap from the street of a stranger in the future? Will my today’s good looking photo hold a value in the future?

street photography
Frydek-Mistek, June 2016

I think it is a trap of stereotype thinking, seeing and doing.
My eyes are open, but they don’t see.
They only look if my mind lets them look.



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