Too much social media. Too many people. Too many photos.

About finding a place for photography on the Internet.
I don’t have this point solved and this kind of doesn’t make me happy. Unsolved issue is never good.
I am continually posting on daily basis to following sites:

Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress and on a Instagram.
Also need to mention my static web page on Jimdo.

It’s about a disability to select only one platform.

Historically, for me it all started with Flickr, so that’s why I have bonds to this platform. I have some people over there and connections I made there during the years. It was always a place number one for my photos. And it still a place where all my public photos start it’s digital journey.

Later on I started adding photos to Tumblr blogging platform. I have not many personal bonds to it. It is least social place compared to other mentions sites, but it was always easy to place to share and expose photos to the eyes of other people.

Banska Stavnica, Slovakia, July 2016

And than I established a Facebook account. I had doubts about convenience of this platform for photo-sharing. And I still have these doubts.  The reason I decided to share on Facebook was to show my photos to more people. I can live without sharing photos there, but there is this thought…. “there are people who follow you, so you should not leave”…. /note, I still have a second Facebook account with real name and with people I know in person/.

I think Twitter is probably least convenient place for photo sharing, but I somehow was curious and so I happened to tweet my photos. Well, anyway, it is similar to Facebook, sharing photos is possible but not the best way to showcase. If I am gonna cut down the number of webs where I am active, Twitter will be one to start with.

Along the way some people told me to try Instagram. I was very critical to this platform, but I gave it a try. After all this platform makes sense to me, because I show only photos made on my phone. Otherwise I would keep those phone photos only for myself. I still don’t take Instagram very seriously and I treat it this way…just for fun.

So, it is about my inability to choose only one platform to be. Some people who’s work I like are only on one platform and they dislike other platforms. It is like “John loves Flickr and Tumblr, but hates Facebook and Twitter. Suzan loves Twitter and hates everything else. Pavel like Suzan’s and John’s work. John likes Pavel’s work. And so on…”.

Kremnica, Slovakia, August 2016

At this point I was trying to find a solution. So I established a blog on WordPress. Personal blog is great. It is a web page, that I can place my photos and eventually add my thoughts. It is customizable, so I can make it look anyway I want (unlike other platforms – well Tumblr design is customizable, too). But, there is problem. If I didn’t tell anybody that I have a blog, there would be nobody who looks at my stuff. So, I have to do a little marketing and drop links to other social sites to attract the attention.

None of the sites named here are perfect. Every has it’s own positives and negatives.

Life on the internet had become complicated for me.

On one side it is good to see what other people are photographing and get some fresh inspirations from them. On the other hand, it could easily happen, that too much inspiration may lead into dissolving your own personal viewpoint.

There are already too many photos out there. We all know it. The number of shared photos is still growing… Here is a prediction  from Deloitte:

Deloitte Global predicts that in 2016, 2.5 trillion photos will be shared or stored online, a 15 percent increase on the prior year. About three-quarters of this total will likely be shared, and the remainder backed up online.
We estimate that over 90 percent of these photos will have been taken over a smartphone; digital SLRs, compact cameras, tablets and laptops will collectively contribute the remainder. This estimate does not include the trillions of photos that remain on devices’ memory.

Not sure if this prediction is counting with fact, that my photos are shared on 5 different platforms as a copy.

It is crazy. Don’t you think?


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