Facebook and other "liking" mashines

I was reading an article about Facebook and Internet in general. It reflected pretty much what I think. There are couple of thoughts, that I found interesting and true.

These thoughts are, that Facebook (and Twitter etc.) had become a factory that produces “likes”. And that people tend to share information not for the value of that information, but to confirm their self worth. And that these social network’s algorithms are throwing  the user into the opinion bubble. They shows us the content that we are most likely going to like. And so we are clicking and liking. We are manipulated by algorithms that Facebook uses when deciding what content will show up…We are not making this decision ourselves. We are only clicking like sheep in a herd….

There were much more thoughts. I am not going to re-write everything. Only one more note. It was about one journalist known for his attitude against Brexit. He was surrounded with “friends” with same opinion. Than he needed to find people that have opposite opinion, but these people were not there. He found himself in the opinion bubble of people with same opinion.

Kuncice pod Obdrejnikem, October 2016

I am quite sure that same thing is happening when we are networking (Fickr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) with people while sharing photos. We don’t hang around with people with different opinions or different likes. We happen to be in a bubble, where everybody is nodding and supporting.


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