My day wasn’t wasted

This is written on the train on the way from Prague to Ostrava yesterday evening.
Just a quick one day trip. Duties mostly.
But I stole some moments for myself and my camera.
I always do.
I made some shots on train station in Ostrava. 5 AM. Minus 7 C. Especially happy for one shot made through the dirty glass window of a woman.
Than a shot during 3 hours ride on the train of the frozen landscape blurred in the move. Blurred intentionally. Happy with some of them, too.
Arrival at Prague main train station. Busy place. Fast and crowded. It always stinks bad in front of the train station. But this morning it was worst smell I can ever remember from there. This spot is popular among homeless people and all kinds of other people. I was happy to make some snaps and I especially recall one shot of a homeless woman selling a magazine Novy Prostor (something like New Space), which is kind of a social program to include homeless people so they can participate in life and earn some money. I promised myself to buy one print in Ostrava when possible. They are people, that didn’t give up yet.
Later I made some more shots in the evening. Such as a silhouette of a woman in front glowing advertisement panel on a tram stop.
Thoughts…it is much easier to shoot in crowded areas, subway, etc. Nobody cares or notices me. Unlike all the rest of the country. Prague is different.
When I can shoot than my day wasn’t wasted.
Good feeling.

street photography
Ostrava, July 2016

street photography
Banska Stavnica, August 2016

street photography
Ostrava, July 2016

street photography
Frydek-Mistek, July 2016

street photography
Liskovec, July 2016

street photography
Kojetin,, July 2016

street photography
Frydek-Mistek, June 2016



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