Thoughts on V.H. and other stuff

I will write thoughts about photos that I post here.

I saw this poster of former Czech president Vaclav Havel. I first decided to make a photo of it as his name is still resonating in Czech society and in my head. There are a lot of admirers and a lot of haters. In Ostrava, I would rather expect a negative poster or tag (and I found some already) towards him, so this is why it surprised me. And, than this man was coming, so I used him to fill part of the frame. Man’s expression fits to this mood and I am glad I have him there.

Ostrava, poster
Ostrava, November 2016

This photos was made in community center in Baska. It was something like Halloween party in mask for children, only thing is, that is was called “Scary March of Bogymen” or so. This illuminated rug was hanging from the ceiling. Abstract beauty for me.

Baska, November 2016

Still in the community center during masks night. It was very dark all over. There was only one strong light-bulb illuminating place were people can possibly buy tea (two kinds – alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and get free home made cake.

Baska, November 2016

These two girls were sitting in the foyer of the community center. We were leaving early, because my kids were tired of all the excitement and chaos. I lost my 4 year old boy for half an our among the crowds. But organizers of the event announced our problem on the microphone any my son was found very quickly. This was last photo I made during that event. I like a reaction of one guy on Flickr to this photo:  “She is not vampire or zombie, because she has a reflection in the mirror”.

Baska, November 2016

I don’t live in Ostrava. I work there. Sometimes, even on weekends, I would go to Ostrava and shoot for a while. Recently I found new spot for shooting – transportation terminal (nod) in Ostrava – Svinov. I returned there for a couple of times already. This is one of the photos I made thought the glass wall.

Ostrava, Svinov
Ostrava – Svinov, November 2016

Some children are posing….

Ostrava, Vitkovice
Ostrava – Vitkovice, November 2016



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