About making a personal cake

This is about micro communities of like-minded people on the Internet. Or elsewhere.
I realized this thing about hobby communities.
No matter what the subject of the hobby is.
Whether they are bakers of cakes blogging about it.
Or lets’s say….photographers.
They will soon find (because internet can do that) like-minded people that listen, enjoy, has same hobby.
Cake bakers connect with other cake bakers.
And they make virtual friendships.
Nothing wrong about that.
It could benefit a member of such a micro community.
But it can also negatively influence a person, too.
I mean, person would see his work (cakes) in the optics of other hobbyists that match into his “circle” of like-minded people.
It is better if cake bakers offer theirs cakes to cake eaters instead of other cake bakers.
All bakers can make a cake.
Each one can create his own original cake, that satisfies his taste.
There are millions of tastes and likes.
So finally, some bakers will throw recipes and advice’s away.
And they would create their own personal cake.

I was walking around this neighborhood close to the steel works. This guy saw me and asked me if I can make a photo of him. Than he asked me if I have cigars. But I don’t smoke.

Ostrava, October 2016

 I surprised her. This was the moment when I said “Hello” to her.

Ostrava, November 2016

Captured a couple of days before All SoulsDay on local cemetery. Very intimate moment.

Frydek-Mistek, October 2016

He was sitting and not even moving. I had to to stick my camera through the bush to make this photo.

Frydek-Mistek, October 2016

This is not my son. This boy looks a bit older. Yep, I realized already how many photos with children I have been making.

Ostrava, October 2016



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