Just another chapter from Czechia

There is a discussion in Czech media regarding newly used name of my country. Besides Czech Republic, it is official to use in English term Czechia. I have mixed feelings about it, but maybe I will get used to it.

This boy wanted to be photographed so much. He run through the whole street to ask me to make a photo photo o him.

Ostrava, October 2016

I liked the light contrast here. Photo was framed horizontally. Vertical crop was done in post process.

Ostrava – Vitkovice, October 2016

I love when I see clothes outside. Nostalgia probably.

Ostrava – Privoz, October 2016
It was a very slow march….

Ostrava  Vitkovice, October 2016

She was running to the little swing.

Ostrava, October 2016

No comment…

Ostrava – Vitkovice, October 2016

Where is kid? And where are the wheels?

Ostrava – Privoz, October 2016
Hi, boy…

Ostrava – Privoz, October 2016

On the flea-market. Play of shadows…Original frame was also horizontal.

Ostrava, October 2016



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