Offline life and withdrawal symptoms

I realized I spend too much time with my phone checking social media activity. It is very addictive. I would check whats new immediately after I wake up in the morning. And I would check what’s up before I go to bed…and countless times in between during the day. Instantly. Speaking about my phone I uninstalled Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr apps. I did that yesterday. I plan to keep it this way for a week or two. And see how this works. It will not be easy, but I think I will get used to it. And I am not abandoning these accounts. Will check them on desktop or laptop. But not instantly. I already feel disoriented after this step. Sign of heavy addiction…

Couple of months ago I abandoned Tumblr and 500px and I don’t feel  any regrets. So this is it.

Yesterday, I went to public library. You know, classic paper books. I used to go there before my kids were born, but I stopped. So I registered in the library again. Paid 120 Czech crowns registration fee and become reader again. Well, I read somewhat, but I shared my wife’s library card, which isn’t ideal.

Life online and life offline.

In my offline life I will take a day-off tomorrow. I will drive my kids to school and kindergarten in the morning. Than I will grab my 42 prints (48 x 36 cm, matt paper, 300 gr.) and bring them to Ostrava to prepare exhibition. Meeting 8:30 AM with lady who is in charge of exhibitions in city library. I estimate I will need two hours to get it ready. To attach all photos to the panels.  Maybe less. Meanwhile I will meet a guy who wants to buy my Vanguard bag that I used as a garage for my Olympus. So, as of tomorrow, Olympus will be without it’s shelter. Olympus is still looking for new home. Nobody wants him. Not for the price I ask for him. Than I will have some time to shoot in the streets. And than back home and pick up kids.

In Prerov city on a bus station just a couple of days before end of 2016.

bus station
Prerov, December 2016

I wanted to make a mood photos using camera movement. Actually, it is my first panning shot ever. I followed the movement of the woman.

Ostrava, December 2016

Since this photo was made in Ostrava (Czech) I found interesting to see names of Polish cities on the wall…Bytom and Sosnowiec. I think these are made by Polish football fans. Interestingly, this is under the bridge, which is next to the building where my exhibition “The Peripheries of Ostrava” will take place.

Ostrava, January 2017



Spring, come, please.

I wish the spring would come. Forecast says it will be here soon. I believe them.

But January and February was grey, white, cold and smoggy. And such are my photos made in that period. Because the weather affects my perception. And my photos.

These two girls were a little bit shy when I met them. As if they were about to run away in a moment. One of them ran away actually, but she returned. They wanted to be photographed. Girl in front was a little more brave.

Czech Republic
Ostrava, December 2016

Childhood in a little sad environment. Winter in a grey city with dumped Christmas tree behind the boys.

Czech Republic
Ostrava, January 2017


Photos, that are not meant to be hung on the wall.


Sunset. Saturday afternoon. I drove the car. I was going back home after short hangout with my camera. Thoughts were emerging and fainting in my mind. But one particular was interesting, so I thought I will hold it in my head and write it down tonight. So I am doing…

I thought I am not shooting the type of photos that anyone would like to frame and hang on the wall. I wouldn’t enjoy to see this type of photos on the wall. My photos are not meant to be a home decoration. This is the fact. Documentary photos in general is not the living room art.

Ok. So, I saved the idea here. Done.


Actually, there was another thought I had earlier today, when we were walking with my wife and kids around the nearby pond. Beautifully clear and partly sunny day. Strong light. I can smell the spring in the air despite it is February. I made some photos along the way. Of the beauty I saw around me. Light was just perfect so anything I would click would be a nice photo. And I made some. But those were off topic photos. Far from the stuff I have been doing lately. Stuff from dirty streets of the city. From stinky corners. Beggars and homeless. Periphery.  So, these landscapes from today will stay in my archive.


I am selling my Olympus O-MD E-M10. And Lumix 14 mm/2,5 lens. No buyers yet…

Yep, that dogie was furious…

Ostrava, December 2016

They asked me if they are going to me in the newspaper….and they ended up here, on my blog.

Ostrava, January 2017


Stories from the periphery and street

So this guy told me, that the building behind him is empty. I said it is damaged and he explained that the guy, his neighbor, goes there and destroys stuff. Anyway,  when I was there during summer last year, there were still people living inside. And last week, there were new plastic windows. But, for now the house is empty.

Frydek-Mistek, Decemeber 2016

I thought he looks like a nice old man from a fairy tale. Such an interesting character….

Ostrava, December 2016

This one was made on St. Nicholas Day in Prague’s subway.

Prague, December 2016


Shutter sound…too noisy

Sound of shutter on my Oly drives me crazy. It is too loud. Sound as  you slammed the door in the car. And it bothers me since I use it among people on close distance. So I am looking for a camera that is more discrete and more convenient for my needs.

She told me that there are bedbugs in the corner behind her. And that if they bite you, there will be bruise with blood that hurts….


Ostrava, November 2016

He was looking suspiciously a little bit…

Frydek-Mistek, November 2016