Photos, that are not meant to be hung on the wall.


Sunset. Saturday afternoon. I drove the car. I was going back home after short hangout with my camera. Thoughts were emerging and fainting in my mind. But one particular was interesting, so I thought I will hold it in my head and write it down tonight. So I am doing…

I thought I am not shooting the type of photos that anyone would like to frame and hang on the wall. I wouldn’t enjoy to see this type of photos on the wall. My photos are not meant to be a home decoration. This is the fact. Documentary photos in general is not the living room art.

Ok. So, I saved the idea here. Done.


Actually, there was another thought I had earlier today, when we were walking with my wife and kids around the nearby pond. Beautifully clear and partly sunny day. Strong light. I can smell the spring in the air despite it is February. I made some photos along the way. Of the beauty I saw around me. Light was just perfect so anything I would click would be a nice photo. And I made some. But those were off topic photos. Far from the stuff I have been doing lately. Stuff from dirty streets of the city. From stinky corners. Beggars and homeless. Periphery.  So, these landscapes from today will stay in my archive.


I am selling my Olympus O-MD E-M10. And Lumix 14 mm/2,5 lens. No buyers yet…

Yep, that dogie was furious…

Ostrava, December 2016

They asked me if they are going to me in the newspaper….and they ended up here, on my blog.

Ostrava, January 2017



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