Ostrava – Přívoz

Friday. Sunny. 18 °C. Turning computer off and going out.

Ostrava – Přívoz , February 2016



Wait. Are you serious?

Today was such kind of the day, when you realize, that purchase of your new camera was a miss. There are things bothering me about GR II.

In reaction to Richard on Flickr I wrote my thoughts on this:

I am disappointed with that camera (despite what I wrote about it on my blog after using it for couple of days).

The camera is not so bad, but…

It is practically made to be used on the street, quiet, small ….but after shooting three weeks on the street with GR2…I feel like I lost sense of photographing this genre…it happened before and I have serious doubts again. So, for other kind of things, besides street, it is just a compact cam.

Auto-focus is slow. It focuses for ages (comparing to OMD Em-10). On contrary zone focusing is fast, of course.

Very small size … yep, despite the fact that I am fun of small cameras. As I was missing something. I can’t believe I would ever be borther by this.

I didn’t see photos yet, I think they will be ok, but the camera just feels … I can’t find correct words… that sort of disappointed and you don’t exactly know why

….maybe expectations vs reality…. I was expecting something else.

Soon, I will upload some photos from Ricoh.

Anyway, GR II is now on sale. Only three weeks of use.

I wish I didn’t sell Oly.

Boredom and fun. These girls were smashing some glass against the wall. They had fun and we talked a little.

Ostrava, 2-2017


100 % honest

My last post was short. I asked myself about the sense of the photo I uploaded. It is a photo of a person looking through the window. I will try to make it short, because it’s late and I would better to be sleeping now.

I am trying to be 100 % honest. And I say, that I have no relation to that photo. Or more precisely, to the content of the photo. No personal bond. I don’t know the woman. It is a stranger to me. So, why I clicked it? Because I was on a “street hunt”. I was out there with only intent: to photograph some people. I saw her. Composition looked clean. It was contrast situation  so she appeared like a silhouette. So I clicked. There is no more thought in it. I produced just another shot shot on the street. Photo of a woman waiting for the bus. Maybe no technically bad photo, but completely empty. Thousands of similar photos were surely made only during that particular  day. I can imagine…even right know there are clones of similar photos being uploaded on word wide web.

If I am not connected to the photo, means that the photo I produced isn’t actually me. There is not mine photo, even I clicked it. Even thought I processed it myself. This image has been made so many times, that it is encrypted in my mind as a cliché.

I am trying to be truthful to myself.

Otherwise my shooting has no sense.

Ordinary craziness.
Efficiency. Connectivity. Comfort.
Modern days.

Ostrava, February 2017

Abandoned shop.
By the road.

Ostrava, February 2017



What can I say about this photo? Do I know the person? Why I made this photo? What is my connection with it?

I will, hopefully, write more this evening.

I am going out to shoot now. Cheers.

Ostrava, February 2017