Ricoh GR II is here

So I bought Ricoh GR II. GR II arrived on Monday. On Tuesday I made couple of photos with this baby. Lovely camera, that doesn’t pretend anything. Black diamond. Beautifully simple. Ninja. Just thoughts I have after brief use.

I was making decision between Fuji X70 and Ricoh GR II.

Fuji had a couple minus points that are important to me. But most of all, when I saw this X70 in the store, I wasn’t impressed. I was kind of disappointed and it is hard to say why exactly.

My OMD is still for sale. Still no buyer. I am putting the price lower and lower but no replies on my ad. There are too many cheap used  PENs and OMDs on sale on the Internet.

The higher I value my own photos, the less it is valued by majority. Just a short thought. Obvious, but truth.

I continue the online life without social media on my smart phone. Of course I miss it. No drugs, no fun. This is a sign that it was a good thing to do. Instagram is silent for a week, but nobody is crying for my absence. Only I am nervous as I am took my sugar away.

So, I am still posting my OMD photos in faster mode, because I want to share those that I like.

All the photos bellow are made by Olympus OMD EM10.

In the Prague metro.

Prague, December 2016

Paper girl. She was ok to be photographed.

Ostrava, December 2016

Made during Christmas, but this has nothing of Christmas mood.

Olesna dam, December 2016

Baby stroller is very popular to transport all  kinds of stuff. On  the periphery.

Frydek-Mistek, December 2016


Frydek-Mistek, December 2016

I like those three explamations on the wall. Have to mention that official logo of the city is: OSTRAVA !!!  (has three exclamations there)

Ostrava, December 2016

Lost in thoughts.

Ostrava, December 2016

In the Prague subway. I find the hat and the shiny paneling interesting.

Prague, December 2016



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