Out of the Matrix

I mentioned my switch from Google services about a week ago. After a week, I got to say I spent a lot of frustrating time because of that. It is a fight. I didn’t even realize how deeply Google affect my Internet reality. Or reality that I see on the Internet. My Internet was Google. When I opted out from G world, I suddenly feel like being out of the Matrix. Indeed, I have to learn how to use everything without Google. Now, when I am logged of all the Google services, I see how whole Internet is driven by this corporation. Driven is maybe wrong expression. But I can’t think something more appropriate.

So I am testing of new E-mail services. I am checking for new browsers. Data storage. And much more. I am not settled yet.


Some people say…. “Hope your exhibition is going  well”. And I think, I hope too. You know,  photos are displayed on public. In public space.  People are looking at it. Or they don’t. If they are looking, they think something or not. They like it or not. I am happy those photos are out there for anyone to look. It was my aim. And I succeeded.


In front of the train station.

32600728664_614a96c262_c_no frame
Frydek-Mistek, February 2017

There was enough of winter. I am ready for spring. This one is from February. Baska dam.

33461968605_f56aa0ae5c_c_no frame
Baska, Februry 2017

He was smiling, because of me photographing him. This is not common reaction around here.

Ostrava, December 2016





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