What’s new here?

I am still posting photos from Olympus OMD, because I have been shooting with him till end of February. So I am still going through my archives and finding photos that I like. So after I am done with February archive I will start posting photos from Ricoh GR II. My new baby camera.

Anyway, I finally sold Olympus OMD. No tears. No sorrow. I was happy to get rid of it. On contrary, getting rid of Lumix 14 mm/2.5 was painful step.

What’s new here?

Exhibition “No Constructive Conclusions” in AMI (Wroclaw) is over, but photos will move to Katowice where they will be displayed from April.

And, my solo exhibition “The Peripheries of Ostrava” is almost in it’s half. Photos are displayed in the passage of the city library in Ostrava. It got some publicity online, so hopefully it fill be seen by some people. But it really doesn’t bother me.  Just being happy for exhibiting.

Meanwhile, I started to think what to do after this exhibition is over. I already have one offer to displayed the photos in another gallery in Ostrava. In Vitkovice district. I am happy for that. Should be displayed there at the beginning of 2018, but it might change yet.

I am particularly caught by the position of his hand….

Ostrava, February 2017

February grey. Kids are hanging outside despite of gloominess.

Ostrava, February 2017

Something is going on here.

Ostrava, February 2017



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