100 % honest

My last post was short. I asked myself about the sense of the photo I uploaded. It is a photo of a person looking through the window. I will try to make it short, because it’s late and I would better to be sleeping now.

I am trying to be 100 % honest. And I say, that I have no relation to that photo. Or more precisely, to the content of the photo. No personal bond. I don’t know the woman. It is a stranger to me. So, why I clicked it? Because I was on a “street hunt”. I was out there with only intent: to photograph some people. I saw her. Composition looked clean. It was contrast situation  so she appeared like a silhouette. So I clicked. There is no more thought in it. I produced just another shot shot on the street. Photo of a woman waiting for the bus. Maybe no technically bad photo, but completely empty. Thousands of similar photos were surely made only during that particular  day. I can imagine…even right know there are clones of similar photos being uploaded on word wide web.

If I am not connected to the photo, means that the photo I produced isn’t actually me. There is not mine photo, even I clicked it. Even thought I processed it myself. This image has been made so many times, that it is encrypted in my mind as a cliché.

I am trying to be truthful to myself.

Otherwise my shooting has no sense.

Ordinary craziness.
Efficiency. Connectivity. Comfort.
Modern days.

Ostrava, February 2017

Abandoned shop.
By the road.

Ostrava, February 2017



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