Wait. Are you serious?

Today was such kind of the day, when you realize, that purchase of your new camera was a miss. There are things bothering me about GR II.

In reaction to Richard on Flickr I wrote my thoughts on this:

I am disappointed with that camera (despite what I wrote about it on my blog after using it for couple of days).

The camera is not so bad, but…

It is practically made to be used on the street, quiet, small ….but after shooting three weeks on the street with GR2…I feel like I lost sense of photographing this genre…it happened before and I have serious doubts again. So, for other kind of things, besides street, it is just a compact cam.

Auto-focus is slow. It focuses for ages (comparing to OMD Em-10). On contrary zone focusing is fast, of course.

Very small size … yep, despite the fact that I am fun of small cameras. As I was missing something. I can’t believe I would ever be borther by this.

I didn’t see photos yet, I think they will be ok, but the camera just feels … I can’t find correct words… that sort of disappointed and you don’t exactly know why

….maybe expectations vs reality…. I was expecting something else.

Soon, I will upload some photos from Ricoh.

Anyway, GR II is now on sale. Only three weeks of use.

I wish I didn’t sell Oly.

Boredom and fun. These girls were smashing some glass against the wall. They had fun and we talked a little.

Ostrava, 2-2017



4 thoughts on “Wait. Are you serious?

  1. David Anderson March 29, 2017 / 10:16 pm

    Pavel, sorry you are not happy with Ricoh. I have the GRD V and love it for street. Simple – just aim and shoot with zone/snap focusing. But I think I know how you are feeling. It is so simple that it doesn’t feel like a real camera. And it is fixed lens. So Olympus EM 10 is a nice camera. I also have one and the Oly EM 5 II. It would be nice if you could keep the Ricoh and also get another Oly. Well, think about it carefully about which camera you should get next. Perhaps the Oly PenF.

    • Pavel P. March 30, 2017 / 4:07 pm

      Fixed lens is ok. I am used to this focal length. Pen F looks very nice, but the price is just too high. Snap focus works well.

      I am already thinking what to do now. It is like a break up that I caused and I wish the girlfriend was back 🙂

  2. yuri rasin March 30, 2017 / 11:11 am

    I see what you mean Pavel as another friend of mine mentioned it felt like a toy… I’m not 100% happy with newly purchased X70 (battery life v short ) but learning to adapt and will buy an additional battery.
    Hope you find a better fit for your needs, maybe be better to rent and try first for few days…

    • Pavel P. March 30, 2017 / 4:14 pm

      Shooting on LCD drains battery, which is small as the camera is small. It is normal for small cameras.

      My previous camera suited me pretty well 🙂

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