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Ostrava – Přívoz, January 2017

So I was standing there. One of the poorest streets in Ostrava. And I suddenly saw it’s beauty. It’s poetry.  This is how I see. It just asked me to photograph it. So I did what I usually do when there is a scene that really grabs my attention. I would make more photos of the scene and later I selected the best one.

On contrary, document with people is happening in glimpse of a second. Everything moves and changes every moment. People are subject and environment is a background.

In this case, subject is the place. So it is not a background.

Many people like bw. I do a lot. One of the truths about bw is, that it evokes past. My mother-in law is totally photographically untouched. It is just not her business. When she saw my monochrome photos from the series “The periphery of Ostrava” her immediate reaction was “such an interesting ancient look”. She is right, my photos has ancient look. It is because I use Silver Efex presets (free download Nik Collection from “beloved” Google)  that are made to look as film photos. With grain. Or even with vignette and other imperfections that were characteristic for film cameras. And so, the result is often nostalgic. I like nostalgia. Obviously.

Even this photo is processed using presets from Analog Efex (also Nik Collection). Name of the presets says clearly that it made to look as color film.

So, why we are so often turning to the past? Well, I am not that old. I am influenced by the look of analog photos. But personally, I didn’t shoot much film. I was teenager when digital era blasted. When I started more seriously I learned with digital camera.

Is there something like “digital look”?  No, I think. Today’s technique is capable to record reality as it is.



3 thoughts on “Digital photo

  1. Frank Lehnen April 10, 2017 / 9:43 am

    Very nice, I love the subdued colors. That ‘vintage’ look.

    Why do we like that nostalgic look? Perhaps we want to get back to something, some time when life was simpler. Not in the meaning of ‘easier’, but less technical. Of course I’m old, so I have a right to be nostalgic and talk about the ‘good old times’.

    Were they really good? Better? Can’t say, They were different.

    The important thing is that we love that look and we have toe means to achieve it, analog or digital does not matter. In my eye there is no ‘digital look’ as you can get any look you want out of it. You use the process that seems best to you to get the results you want. And your results are really stunning. Black and white or color, you capture more than just a view.

  2. Pavel P. April 10, 2017 / 1:16 pm

    Thanks, Frank. One is clear, that we don’t hear very often… “how to make analog photo to look like a digital photo” . It is always the opposite. Digital photo look is how engineers in companies like Nikon or Canon set the jpeg to look like as default. It sounds ridiculous to me.

    I wonder how does people born into digital era, lets say after 1990, see it?

  3. Gary May 15, 2017 / 12:15 pm

    I think that there is a digital look. I recall seeing seeing some photos made with a medium format digital camera (Pentax 645Z) in Iceland or Norway by an Australian photographer. They were perfect. But clinical. No film presets were used in the post processing.

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