Urban stuff

Urban landscape. This is a district where I have been shooting a lot. I was photographing gypsies mainly. In black and white. It looked like documentary photos from 50 years ago. This photo looks more contemporary. I love this scene.  I love color photos.


And I captured this one because of the shadow and old sign. I love that. That restaurant is closed.


I wish a nice Easter holidays to everybody who has a couple of days off. Like us here.

First photo is from Olympus. Second is from Ricoh.



2 thoughts on “Urban stuff

  1. Lovely colours. They are more subtle and film like in the first one and more vibrant in the second (sorry, saying what you can already see…) just typing as i think… two different moods there but really like your colour work. Happy Easter to you and your family!

    • You had hit the nail. The first one was processed with Analog Efex – preset Classic Camera 7. If I was processing today I would not used preset. But I was kind of lazy, so used this edit.

      Second is from another camera. Different and sharp light. Less edited. I think only a bit more contrast was added.

      Thank you and Happy Easter!

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