DSLR Sunday = Frustration

I borrowed my cousin’s DSLR. Canon Rebel. He doesn’t use it much. Just wanted to feel that dinosaurus. To look through the optical viewfinder. It weights 1 kilogram with lens (0,5 kg body + 0,5 kg lens). Yes, I checked on kitchen scale. I disliked to shoot with it. Cramps in my right hand fingers when holding the grip after first 15 minutes. Chimping LCD = my head down and my eye-glasses kept sliding from my nose. Viewfinder showed only 95 % of the scene. When framing something, particulary a circus tent, in viewfinder everthing was fine, when checking LCD, I saw lamp posts on sides that I didn’t want to include. Used for 2 or 3 houres. I felt frustrated aftewards.

This is a year old photo – from February 2016. Made with Olympus mirror-less cam.

Ostrava – Heřmanice, February 2016



4 thoughts on “DSLR Sunday = Frustration

  1. Yes, DSLR is dead for me too if ever I return to digital… even sold my last SLR on saturday…

    Either compact film cameras, a Leica or, heaven forbid, a mirrorless thingy.

    • Most of today’s camera reviews says DSLR’s (entry and mid-range) are for photography beginners. I wouldn’t recommend them to a beginners.

    • I haven’t used DSLR for 4 years. So I wondered if it feels same as in my old DSLR days. And there is no way back. After using mirroless or compacts, which are so good these days, it was a big shock to shoot with DSLR again. I never tried Fuji, but I like Olympus cams a lot.

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