Saal Book Quick Review

In return for significant discount I have to write a review about Saal photobook and my experience with this service/product. I received a coupon, that covered half costs of my 100 pages family book.

I will keep it short.


  • very fast delivery of the book after uploading of the file to company’s server
  • good printing quality (when I compare it to CeWe books it looks better)
  • 1200 CZK free coupon in exchange of writing this text (if I made only small book, it would be for free)


  • editing program for creating a book is basic and has only limited options
  • I cannot add page numbers (which doesn’t make me happy)
  • thick paper – it almost feels like cardboard – first I thought it could even be a positive, it feels very robust, and whole book is very thick, like encyclopedia of Mankind. So it will surely last for a very long time. But it doesn’t have a “book feel”, it is sort of an album.
  • you first have to make a payment and than you are able to upload your file to the server. Here you risk when Internet connection breaks, you won’t be able to upload your file since payment is done. Sure, you can solve it later with customer support.


Reason why I tried Saal was given by this big financial incentive. If I didn’t have it, I would have chosen another company. Overall the final book looks nice. Printing quality is good. Editor doesn’t have much options, which is a big minus.