Notes from the periphery

These kids are hanging outside all day long having not much to do…

They are very open, spontaneous and curious. I told the boy on the left that he had a lovely shirt. He was very proud and replied that his parents bought it in the shopping mall.

And this is the view of those two little dudes when I first saw them.

And this guy was as curious as little child. Actually, when we talked it felt like he was just a very little boy. I saw him picking stuff from the trash-bin. I told him, again, his shirt was very nice. You could see a logo of Arcelor Mittal, which is huge steelworks in Ostrava and major polluter. He said he bought this shirt in the shop, which is very unlikely. Anyway, he was very willing to have his photo taken.

Those kids like to do cool gestures when I photograph them. The gesture of this boy looks similar to what Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt does in front of cameras after he wins. Which is most likeky it, because Bolt was coming to Ostrava to athletic competition for years and the media gave him lots of attention.

This lady here approach to me immediately when she saw me. She asked if I know about any apartments to rent in Ostrava, where they could possibly move. This place is far from everything. Periphery.  Just couple of apartment houses in bad condition. I did’t have advice.

All photos made during August 2017 in Ostrava city.

© Pavel P.


Film vs digital

Discussion whether shoot on film or digital is bullshit.
Film is no better than digital.
Digital has no less soul than film.
Film/analog is a fad.
It’s 2017.