Report from Přívoz ghetto

Just a report from one place in Ostrava. I think these photos doesn’t need a commentary.

Ostrava, 2017

© Pavel P.


Alhambra de la Ostrava

I will share some thoughts on photographing in Lower Area Vitkovice. It is a huge area of old blast furnaces, steel mill and coal plants. There is all kinds of that industrial stuff that I could not even name. I have been coming to this area for numerous times. Partly because it is on my everyday commute to work. And I am always overwhelmed by this huge gigantic industrial town. Three factories in one standing there. Connected by pipes and rails. Beyond my understanding. Now it is an open air museum. Industrial park.  Place where musical festival takes place. Site for tourists. I don’t have many photos from there despite of my countless visits during passed years. Actually I have very little photos from there. I asked myself why is it so? There isn’t a simple answer.

I am focused and attracted by the periphery. I shoot forgotten, decayed  or abandoned places. This is what attracts me. But Lower area is an official tourist target. Number one sight-seeing spot in Ostrava.

This place is not the periphery. City invests billions to preserve this site. And it becomes a very neat place. Looks better every year.  It is a rusty huge monster. And mind blowing.

It is very smart that this site was preserved in such a huge extent. It is a memory of the industrial past. And such it is there for everybody to enjoy and photograph. A tourist thing. As you would go to Granada and photographed Alhambra, because it is so beautiful.

Lower Area of Vitkovice, 2017

So, I shoot rather a post industrial fate of this region. What remained. What is disappearing.

The photo above is an exception. Feels like guts of extinct animal. Guts of Lower Area.

© Pavel P.


This is, untypically for me, from Prague. I made one day trip due to my work. I had a three hours spare time before my train took me back to Ostrava. My legs always takes me inevitably to the Charles bridge. Love this place. Not only for the place, but also to observe variety of people from all around the world. People are interesting and funny. At least they were that afternoon. In my eyes.


Prague, 2017

© Pavel P.