Ode to the landscape

A selection of images of industrial landscapes in winter light.

12/2017-1/2018, © Pavel P.


Tripod nights

I went shooting at night after very long time. My tripod needs replacement as one leg kept falling off. With caution I was still able to use it.  Warm first half of February made night shoot pleasing experience. I was shooting (mostly) in monochrome filtr which is in my Olympus setting.

Lískovec, 2.2. – 3.2.2018

© Pavel P.




Ostrava with Ian and Pavel

At the end of the year Ian was coming to Poland to visit his family over the Christmas holiday. We talked and Ian accepted my offer to shoot together in Ostrava. I also offered Pavel R. to join us. So we were three of us shooting and it was fun. I showed guys my favorite places in Ostrava. But there was not enough time to show them everything I wanted. Short December daylight . Anyway, I made some photos, despite the fact that I have visited these locations many time before.

So, we had visited Lower Area Vitkovice industrial park, active slag heap in Ostrava – Heřmanice, former coal mine Jan Šverma, abandoned ghetto on Přednádražní st., mining museum Landek, abandoned oil refinery Ostramo and couple more places along the way.

Ian even made a lovely booklet/zine (see his blog post) where he included photos he made in Ostrava. He had send me a copy. Pleased me very much.

So, here are my photos from that weekend.

Ostrava, 29.12.2017

© Pavel P.

Report from AUTOBURZA

One Sunday morning in December. This flea market is open every Saturday and Sunday. Besides classic home junk this event specializes on cars. That’s why it is called AUTO BURZA. So, it was Saturday and I was heading to Ostrava to make some photos. I didn’t plan to go to this flea market, but I decided in the last moment and stopped my car right next to the entrance. I am glad I did. I spent there about an hour and made tons of photos. I selected 38 photos to publish here. Thought I have like five or six photos that are my very favorite.

Ostrava, Místecká ul, 10.12.2017

© Pavel P.

In the streets of (VII)…

…of Ostrava-Přívoz. Smokestack on some photos belongs to the coking plant OKK Koksovny. This district is poor. High density of Roma population. A couple of branches of Salvation Army for people in need is located here (nuns in the last photo). These poor districts are usually close to some factory or former coal mine. Locations that are not very attractive for living.


Ostrava – Přívoz, 10.12.2017

© Pavel P.