Memorial to the partisans


Memorial to the partisan battalion, Makov, Slovakia, 2018

(c) Pavel P.


I am taking break from this blog

I think I will stop posting photos here. Reason is a very low interest in the content I post here compared to other sites. Just a 4 views per post in avarage. And very little photography related discussions, too. When discussing, people mostly react on the texts that are not directly related to the photos. I suppose this post will be more of the interest as it is not photography related.

Trip to Berlin

In March I have visited Berlin. I traveled with another guy from my home country. It was very intensive three days and two nights long photo trip. Our host was my long term Flickr friend Markus. He visited Ostrava last year (where we were shooting together) and I promised him that I will come to Berlin, too. And I did.

Since Markus is a big fan of night shooting, it wasn’t hard to convince him to go out at night to make some long exposures. He even borrowed me his tripod as I left mine at home. Markus was great host. He took us to many places, where we would never go if we did just a regular tourist visit.

So I have ended up with mixture of photos – night photos, architecture, urban corners, industrial and even some street photos.

Night shooting. I had some practice before the trip to Berlin, but I am not so experienced night shooter. I even thought my m43 camera is not capable for night shooting. Well, it is capable. With some limits.

Here are some photos, that ended up sharp (not blurry). Nights in Berlin can get very windy. So I had to repeat many shots when wind was a bit weaker.

Wind wasn’t the only obstacle we had to face. It was also incredibly cold weekend. Even thought it was just 2 degrees bellow zero, it felt like minus 20. We swearing on the weather pretty hard. No, looking at the photos, it does not look like it was so dramatic.  It was a fight.

Okay. During the day it wasn’t so cold. And we even got some sunshine! So here are some urban/industrial shots made during the daylight.

Since Markus had some other program  on Saturday morning, he dropped us to Teufelsberg. It is a hill with remains of U.S. listening station that was used in Cold War. Nowadays it is a home of street art. Home of old VW vans and other interesting things.

And some photos in square crop:

Well, it is very photogenic location. And I can find tons of photos from there on the internet. No wonder!

I did not particular focus on street shooting while I was in Berlin. But I did some shots along the way.

And that would be about all.  More detail about the places in photo description. Berlin feels like a city of many cultures. I was especially supersized how big is a Turkish community. But also I encountered a lot of polish speaking people in the streets.

(c) Pavel P.

What to do with too many photos?

Photos from February and beginning of March. Need to speed up posting. Too many photos to be able to post only a one a day.  So I am putting them all here. More info in the titles of the photos.

But what to do with too many photos?

(c) Pavel P.

To use photography filters or not?

I has been discussed many times. Use photography filters or rather keep photos as close to original as possible? This is a hard one. I personally have a dilemma here.  There are times I use them a lot. Other times, I would rely only to what comes out of the camera.

Should capture a photo which is, in our eyes,  would be as close to reality as possible? Or should we alter the images to the extent that we like?

Depends on everybody’s decision. What concept person chooses is based on experience and believes. And age? Cultural background?

All three photos above are straight out of the camera.

(c) Pavel P.