Top of the world

Top of the world , © Pavel P. ,Ostrava, Czech Republic, 15/7/2017

Shot from the top of the slag heap. Behind pond with fisherman huts. In the background city Bohumin.


Oil refinery Ostramo

Oil refinery Ostramo , © Pavel P. ,Ostrava, Czech Republic, 7/2017

Abandoned oil refinery. It is very polluted spot. Water is black. It is a mixture of water and some chemical waste mess. Density of water – not sure, but looks like oil. Smells like asphalt when new roads are laid. These days area is being cleaned. After 20 years of inactivity. We could hear sounds of chain saws as workers were cutting bushes and trees. Green jungle is being replaced. Almost unreal and unbelievable. But is is true.

Markus visiting Ostrava

Markus visiting Ostrava , © Pavel P. , 15/7/2017

Ostrava, Czech Republic

A photo from one wonderful weekend with Markus Lehr. That guy in the photo. When we first met he was waiting in front of his hotel in Ostrava. He had his camera and tripod with him. Waiting on the sidewalk. Ready for shooting. He was obviously shooting the morning when we first met. I told him “You don’t waste time!”. He told me “Pavel, you live in a golden mine. It is a photography paradise here.”