SLEZAN cotton mill

All of the photos in this set are made in old building which was formerly a cotton mill. SLEZAN. Building is empty and with no use for many years. City authority decided to open up the space for public for one month in September/October 2017. The empty building was temporarily used as an exhibiting space. Partly to showcase some modern art and partly to show history of textile industry in Frýdek-Místek. All textile factories in the city are now closed. I was happy to be able to se the interior of this building. It is one of many remaining in the city. Two buildings has been demolished recently.

I especially liked one little office, that was turned to look like it used to during socialistic period. So we were able to see a framed photograph of communistic president Gustav Husák or Vladimir Lenin.

Frýdek-Místek, SLEZAN, Těšínská ul., 23.9.2017

© Pavel P.