Critique of kitsch

Been thinking about kitsch. When beauty is captured in a beautiful way. It often. Too often ends up as a kitsch. The more beauty the better. The more perfection the better. The sweeter the better. It is also about a taste of people. Of course. Kitsch is likely to be admired by many. But very often remains vacuous. Empty.

Below photos from one Sunday afternoon in Kojetin city. In November.

Kojetin, 2017

© Pavel P.


Report from Kojetin city

One lazy Saturday from a little town in Hana region. Not much is going on there. Thought this town is rich for it’s variety of interesting characters. For example this man pushing a wheel barrow loaded with wood. Thick eye glasses. I wasn’t sure if he sees me. He barely walked with the load. Made stops every fifteen meters for the rest. So he gave me plenty of time to photograph him.   I followed him up to the place where he lives. He parked his carriage and moved wood inside.


Kojetn, 2017

© Pavel P.